Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow!

Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow!

The Tree of Hope has been a long standing tradition amongst our family, our company, and the beautiful city of Kelowna, B.C. In 1994 our company wanted to do something special to mark the start of the holiday season and make it feel all “Christmassy” despite the lack of snow. 

With that in mind, Al, Mark and Ken decided to find the biggest tree they could, put it on a crane, and wrap it in a few hundred light bulbs. Oh yeah, the crane was positioned on top of one of our Landmark buildings!

What started out as a fun little game, soon became a challenge; to get BIGGER, BRIGHTER, and BETTER. Over the years we’ve seen various iterations and modifications with our Tree of Hope. We’ve seen changes in type of tree itself, which has now since become behemoth, structured monument. We’ve evolved from old school bulb lights to LED’s. We’ve seen both classic designs and modern takes. We’ve even seen record breaking hydro bills! But most importantly, we’ve seen something truly special; we’ve seen a tree now become a beacon for hope and togetherness.

The Tree of Hope isn’t just a floating bright tree at the epicenter of the Landmark District. It’s a beacon of hope and bringing together our community. It’s annual lighting has now become a must attend function and an opportunity for our company, our family, and the Kelowna community to celebrate together. 

Each year, at its annual lighting, we gather to not only celebrate the start of another holiday season together, but to share the exciting things happening within our beautiful city. More recently, we’ve used this gathering as an opportunity to highlight some of our community work and philanthropy, while also recognizing some outstanding contributors to non-profit projects within our community. 

Below are just some of our favourite moments from recent years and special memories that inspire us to keep the tradition alive.