Community Impact and the YMCA

May 7, 2021

Since 2019, the Stober Foundation has had the honour of supporting and working with the YMCA Okanagan and their breadth of programs, offerings, and community initiatives. The timing of the Stober Foundation’s support of $150,000.00 over the next three years ended up being vital to the YMCA Okanagan’s perseverance amidst the pandemic – something none of us could have predicted. Their ability to pivot and change their programming based on the changing needs of the community as well as maintain the health and safety of their clients and staff has been phenomenal. The wide-reaching impact of what they offer – including providing a means for accessible and equitable wellness – is truly unique.

Recently, they were kind enough to share details about their programs and what our funding means to them. And in turn, we wanted to share that with you. We’re very excited to continue to work with the YMCA Okanagan and we hope that our enthusiasm, and everything they offer the community, will inspire you to learn more and find ways to donate or get involved.


YMCA Okanagan

The YMCA of Okanagan is a charity committed to building a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive community. For 40 years we have been a welcoming place where local community members have come to improve their health and wellbeing through affordable, relevant, and responsive programs and services in 18 locations. Everything we do promotes healthy living, nurtures young minds, and strengthens the foundations of the communities we serve. From subsidized access and free community programs in health and fitness, child care, youth programming, employment services and more, the Y is here to help everyone access vital support to realize their full potential.


Stober Foundation Impact

The Stober Foundation’s generous gift to the YMCA of Okanagan provided urgently needed funds for our Financial Assistance program, currently providing equal access to 1 in 5 children & youth and 1 in 6 adults & seniors to our YMCA programs. In 2020 we provided $435,653 in direct financial assistance to those most impacted by COVID hardships and in a ‘normal year’, over 5,000 low-income individuals, children and families are provided the opportunity to live healthier, happier lives through financially assisted memberships. Everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, can access YMCA services for their health and wellbeing. Whether it is through pre-diabetes programming, cardiac rehabilitation, swim lessons, fitness classes, child care, after-school enrichment programs, career development services, mental health supports or financial assistance, everything we do lays a healthy foundation for individuals and our community as a whole.


“Supporting the Y is an incredible way to help our community in ways most don’t even understand. This place is more than a gym to work out at, it empowers individuals to work on their mental health, their healing, their self-esteem, and any invisible demons they may be fighting.” – Serena, YMCA member


Get Involved

The YMCA Okanagan's overall funding has been greatly impacted by on-going health orders and restrictions, with cancellations of memberships and postponing fundraising events. The demands for their programs have only risen in 2021 and they are facing a shortfall in meeting the community needs. The Okanagan community can help our YMCA by learning more about the positive health and social impact we provide thousands of low-income children, individuals, families and seniors every year. Please click here for our Y Give Case for Support and here for our 2020 Impact Report.