Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

The Stober Foundation is pleased to accept applications for project specific funding from registered Canadian charities and non-profit societies via our online application portal.

Our online funding portal has now CLOSED. We are extremely thankful and humbled by the 3000+ organizations who took time to apply for project specific funding over the last 4 years. We sincerely appreciate your interest and faith in our family foundation. The funding portal will re-open August 1st through August 15th, 2024. At that time our board will meet to extensively review and adjudicate all applications. Due to the extremely large volume of applicants, only successful applications/candidates will be followed up with. 

Please note, this the ONLY opportunity for registered Canadian charities to apply for and/or submit funding requests. No unsolicited requests will be accepted or reviewed.

Core Areas of Interest


  • Community Development​
  • Education
  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Food Scarcity
  • Humanitarianism
  • Medical & Health Focus
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Misuse and Addiction
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Youth Outreach

Inclusion Criteria

  • A registered Canadian charity or non-profit society recognized by the Canadian Revenue Agency
  • Charities with a formal charity/business registration number
  • Charities with an active board of directors
  • Projects that focus on life changes through the teaching, transitioning, and/or through ​continuing education
  • Charities that focus on social programming and/or improving the opportunities for those at risk and/or in need
  • Projects and initiatives that are creative, impactful, and sustainable in their approaches to the problems they try to address and/or solve

The Fine Print

Upon submission of an application to the Stober Foundation, our foundation will undergo a thorough review process in which we will assess each individual application carefully in order to rank merit and determine funding potential/suitability based on an unbiased adjudication process. 

Our board of directors meets to discuss all applications. A member of our board may reach out to applicants to conduct basic due diligence and request additional information to determine impact and measurable performance targets where necessary.

Only charities, organizations, and initiatives that meet the Stober Foundation's mandates and objectives will be considered. Only one funding application submission per (calendar) year, per charity will be considered and reviewed. Due to EXTREME volume of application, NO follow-up response will be given unsuccessful applications nor submissions that fall outside of the aforementioned inclusion criteria and/or fine print. Organizations that do not respect this barrier may have their application removed from consideration. 

If approved, funding may be contingent on meeting with members of our board of directors to further discuss particulars of your project. Furthermore, both preliminary funding and subsequent renewals are contingent on annual meetings with our board of directors, submitting an annual project impact report, submitting basic project impact statements, and submitting basic financial reports before, during, and after each fiscal year.

Please note, the online funding portal will not re-open August 1st through August 15th 2024. This is the ONLY opportunity for registered Canadian charities to apply for and/or submit funding requests. No unsolicited requests will be accepted or reviewed and may disqualify a charity for consideration.