Tree Of Hope

About the Tree

For the past 25 years, the Tree of Hope has been a significant symbol of inspiration and hope in the Landmark District. Originally intended to be a single event, the tree has continued to be lit every year since 1997, undergoing several changes over time.

Now standing over 120 feet tall, the Tree of Hope boasts approximately 25,000 energy-efficient LED bulbs. It has become a beloved community tradition in Kelowna, drawing thousands of people annually. What makes the Tree of Hope so special is that it has become a powerful symbol of positivity, representing the charitable and giving nature of Kelowna's community.

Through a partnership with the tenants of Landmark District and TD Canada Trust, the Tree of Hope donates funds each year to local charitable organizations, raising awareness of important issues and helping support causes in need. To date, millions of dollars have been contributed to charities across Canada.


Visit the Tree

Located at the Tree of Hope Plaza at Landmark 7!

1700 Dickson Avenue - in the heart of Landmark District.

The Tree of Hope is lit from November 24th, 2023 through to January 5th, 2024. 

Raising Hope

The Tree of Hope has evolved from a single event to a community tradition, becoming an iconic symbol for philanthropy and kindness in Kelowna. Its partnership with the Landmark District and TD Canada Trust, the Tree of Hope has resulted in millions of dollars donated to local charities across Canada.

RAISING HOPE, in partnership with the Landmark District, TD Canada Trust, and the Stober Foundation, seeks to shed light on a complex social issue facing our community while promoting compassion, generosity, and gratitude. Accordingly, each year in honour of our long-standing partnership together, we make a capital philanthropic gift to a charity doing integral work to address issues here at home and beyond, often announcing the gift as a SURPRISE at the lighting of the Tree of Hope!

We are pleased to announce that the recipients of the 2023 Tree of Hope landmark gift is the Central Okanagan Food Bank. In honour of the incredible work they do, and in solidarity with our community who have stepped up for them time and time again, the Stober Foundation have made a gift of $500,000.00 CAD towards their programming, resources, and supply chain. 

If you'd like to learn more about how YOU can help the Central Okanagan Food Bank please click HERE


This History of the Tree

For the past 25 years, the Tree of Hope, a focal point in the Landmark District, has been a bright symbol of inspiration and hope to our community. However, Kelowna residents are likely unaware of the unique story of how the tree came to be!

It all started with a 160-foot construction crane standing idle next to the completed shell of the Landmark 2 Tower in 1997. "What if we could dangle a giant Christmas tree from the lifting hook of the crane?" Al Stober wondered. Inspired, he drew a little sketch on a napkin at a local restaurant. He showed the drawing to his sons, Ken and Mark, and before they left the restaurant, a plan was in place. By early December that year, the tree was finished, casting its glorious radiance across the city - a glowing reminder of the spirit of the Christmas season.

The tree now stands over 120 feet tall and has approximately 25,000 LED energy-efficient bulbs. Over the years, the Tree of Hope has become a community tradition in Kelowna, attended by thousands of people each year. The magic of the Tree of Hope is that it has become an iconic symbol for good. Not only does it light up our city with holiday spirit, it has also become a beacon for philanthropy and symbolizes Kelowna as a community known for its kindness and charitable giving.

Our family never would have believed that hanging a Christmas tree from the top of the crane in 1997 would become an annual event celebrating hope in our community. But knowing how this community rallies behind good, it's no surprise this tree continues to be so meaningful to so many!

To date, over $3,000,000 has been donated to charities within our community!

Past Recipients

The Next Generation of Family Philanthropy

The Stober Foundation was created to help those in need. We are tremendously blessed to be in the fortunate position to help others, and we are looking to provide support and opportunities for change through our strategic philanthropic partnerships. In doing so, we aim to partner with progressive, game-changing charities with a proven track record and the ability to maximize opportunities and better outcomes, ultimately improving the lives of many through their success. We are here to steward with grace, effectively, and with great impact.

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