Visionary Spotlight: Sandra Stober

March 30, 2021

March is Women’s History Month; a time to honour, learn about, and acknowledge the work and contribution of incredible women. At the Stober Foundation, we wouldn’t be what we are or continue to be a force for giving and change without the guidance of Sandra Stober. For that reason, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on her work and give recognition to her outstanding grace, vision, and kindness.

Not only the matriarch of the Stober family, Sandra has also been the driving force behind the family’s philanthropy for the past 40 years. She has shaped our foundation into what it is today while inspiring her children – Linda, Mark, Carolyn, and Ken – to carry on her legacy of giving through the foundation. When we asked Sandra about family-driven philanthropy, she had this to say: “Seeing my children and our closest friends join us across the journey of philanthropy has been a gift, and it means more to me than my words could ever describe.”

Born in the prairies, Sandra moved to the Okanagan Valley with her late husband, Albert, in the 1960’s to raise a family and pursue their mutual passion for building and development. That family-owned business systematically grew, with years of hard work, to become Al Stober Construction, The Stober Group, and Landmark District. “Growing up on the prairies in a town that was the size of our current Landmark District, I could have never dreamed of being in the position I am in now. Personally, I am honoured to have had the privilege of volunteering for our foundation for over 30 years and playing my part in helping people,” Sandra notes.

We asked Sandra about the challenges she faced as woman in this industry and her response, in true Sandra fashion, was full of hope:

“There have been many challenges over the years, but I saw them as more opportunities to break down barriers and walls – I was always up for a challenge. To be honest, all the issues I’ve come across have always been solved by connecting with like-minded people who share my values and vision for making an impact in this world.”

While raising her four children, Sandra took the lead and spearheaded philanthropy, developing the framework and culture for the family foundation today. The impact Sandra and Albert have had is hard to quantify. Her most treasured charitable giving? Power to Change, Hope International, and Child Advocacy Centre: “Knowing that I have been a part of building schools, hospitals, and creating opportunities for others to change warms my heart.”

When we asked Sandra to share her advice to others on creating positive change, she shared this with us, “Never lose sight of how fortunate you are to be in a position to help. Whether you are donating money, whatever the value, your time, resources, or expertise – you are blessed to do it. We are so tremendously lucky to have been born into a country with so many opportunities to live a healthy, happy life, and I believe it is our responsibility to find ways to help the circumstances of others who aren’t as fortunate.”

Sandra is more than just the founder and visionary of our foundation, she is the heartbeat of the Stober family and has forever inspired us with her sincerity, kindness, generosity, and grace.

“Helping others has been a passion of mine and the highlight of my life.”

To Sandra, we say thank you.