Compete for a Cause: the HIKE

September 29, 2022

Last month, Keith and Cam (pictured here getting absolutely swole) got creative and came up with an idea that blended philanthropy, community, exercise, and fun altogether in a giant package. They decided to spend a couple of hours hiking up and down their favourite trail at Knox Mountain. Although running Knox Mountain has become a weekly endeavour in their friendship, the duo came up with an idea to engage their community and provide others the opportunity to climb for a cause!

The challenge was simple. If you found them along Knox Mountain (Apex Trail specifically) and snapped a selfie with them, they'd donate $500 to a charity of your choice. They promoted the idea all over social media in hopes of making some waves. The idea behind the cardio-inspired challenge wasn't to gamify philanthropy, but instead use it as an opportunity to connect with people from their community and hear about the heart behind causes that move them.

The duo set off at 3:00 pm and were immediately caught by nearly 10 people in the parking lot alone! As they climbed the mountain, they were found countless other times, but singles, couples, and even groups of people who came out to raise funds for charities of their choice, in a truly unique approach to charitable fundraising.

"I run a charity here in Kelowna called Elevation Outdoors and we're always looking for ways to connect with leaders in our community and raise funds for the important work we do. The moment I read about this challenge from the Stober Foundation, I got every employee and friend I could to join us in hopes of doing some good. The Stober Foundation always finds a way to help, fill a void, and cultivate community all at once," said Mike Greer of Elevation Outdoors.

For Keith and Cam, the outcome of their wild idea came together better than they could have ever imagined. "We dreamed up this idea while we were on our daily jog earlier this summer. It was a bit of a pipe dream, but the more we talked it out, the better the idea seemed. As much as this was an opportunity for people in our community to raise money for charities of their choice, this was about so much more for us. It was about taking time and building community, while in the heart of our city (Knox Mountain), and to meet with people and hear the heart and soul behind their giving. In a time where so many people are feeling a financial pinch, we wanted to not only give them the opportunity to contribute via us but most importantly, we wanted to hear them. The what, why, where, and how behind their motivation was so touching and really was the heart behind this challenge," said Keith Brewster, Director of the Stober Foundation.

When all was said and done, the duo were caught by 80 people on that sunny Friday afternoon, with people coming from as far as Penticton! In total, over $40,000 was raised and shared between 15 charities through this challenge. When asked if they'll do it again next year, the duo replied, "Definitely, but we might have to spice up the challenge and consider wearing cooler outfits!".

We'd like to sincerely thank EVERYONE who came out to climb for a cause. Your involvement in our community approach to philanthropy is what drives us forward!