Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

The Stober Foundation is honoured to support countless bursaries and scholarships for post secondary students from variety of academic institutions and disciplines. We've recently partnered with the University of British Columbia, Okanagan College, Trinity Western University, and Laurentian University. This partnership has allowed us to fund over 100 students who will be getting fully funded scholarships and bursaries across their entire academic pursuits.

Currently, we are supporting students at both the college and university levels who are pursuing undergraduate, masters, phd, post-doctorate, and medical degrees. Being able to support the next generation of change makers in our world is a true blessing and something we take tremendous pride in. To that end, we thought we'd introduce some of the early recipients of our funding and provide them a platform to share some of the exciting things they are up to, as well celebrate the incredible things they will all undoubtedly do going forward. It is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to some of our Stober Scholars!


Career Goal: I hope to pursue a career in geriatric medicine that involves both clinical practice and research.

“This research will further our understanding of how to optimize active and healthy aging at home by increasing our understanding of the social and physical supports for aging. My project will benefit older adults by providing information which will maintain a level of independence and stay in the comfort of their own home.”



Career Goal: Exercise Physiologist for Cycling Canada

“My particular project is important as it fills a gap in current literature regarding measures of sleep apnea. Current measures of sleep apnea, like the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), are a crude and unrefined measure of sleep apnea inaccurately representing its duration and severity. Through this project, I hope to find relationships between AHI and several other variables to discover a more accurate and informative way to present sleep apnea severity.”



Career Goal: Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy (MD/PhD) combined program at UBC.

“I believe my project will provide important evidence to help optimize in-person and online pulmonary rehabilitation programs across Canada. Utilizing the results of my study, I would like to create Canadian guidelines on how to ideally implement online pulmonary rehabilitation. My overall goal is to help improve the health-related quality of life for people with chronic respiratory disease(s).”



Career Goal: Working within a health authority in community-based health promotion.

“This project is important because it will test the efficacy and acceptability of a cultural safety and inclusivity training module for coaches of Small Steps for Big Changes (SSBC), a diabetes prevention program. By testing this training module we will determine if it can effectively train SSBC coaches to deliver safe, equitable, and un-biased diabetes prevention care.”


The Next Generation of Family Philanthropy

Our family foundation was created to help those in need. We have been tremendously blessed to be in  the graceful position to help others. As a family, we need to come together and adapt in order to provide support and opportunities for change.  In doing so, we can help others become whole, better their circumstances, their lives, and ultimately the lives of so many others through their success. Let us steward with grace, effectively and with great impact.

- Sandra Stober, Foundation Co-Founder


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