The Gratitude Project

June 2, 2021

The Stober Foundation is excited to announce the re- launch of the Gratitude Project this week. You may have noticed we have been slowly sharing stories and meeting with some of the amazing community members who have inspired this initiative over the last few months. It has been our honour to get to know the wonderful individuals who are enriching our community through their generosity.



What began as an idea bounced around at a coffee shop between Stober Foundation President, Ken Stober and Executive Director, Keith Z. Brewster, the Gratitude Project has evolved into a growing movement to inspire others and reward generosity. For Ken Stober starting this project was about “the idea of elevating the virtue of gratitude in a person’s life.” The Stober Foundation has set aside significant funding with gratitude in mind and is looking to invest it in our community and the people that make it so special through donations and sharing their stories.

Generosity and gratitude have long been central pillars of the Stober Foundation’s mission. The Gratitude Project is simply an extension of that but on a grassroots level. The Gratitude Project now lives online through our partnership with Kelowna Now and Now Media Group. You can read all the latest stories in the same place you get your news, with the goal of adding a spot of hope, brightness, and optimism to your day.

On the platform, you can nominate yourself or others for their generosity and in so doing, champion the charities that are closest to your heart. For Ken Stober, it is “really exciting to see people nominating other people in our community.” This sentiment is echoed by Keith, “everyone in this community is a philanthropist in their own way.” We want to celebrate that individual philanthropy and inspire others to see the good and continue the movement.

The Gratitude Project, powered by the Stober Foundation, empowers and elevates the generosity of people in our community who are quietly doing amazing things to help others and make the Okanagan Valley a truly wonderful place to live.

Looking towards the helpers and those who give back without recognition, the Gratitude Project seeks to level up acts of service and generosity through matching donations to charities in honour of those who give back so selflessly, and in some cases doubling or even tripling it!


To learn more about the Gratitude Project, visit featured.kelownanow.com/gratitude-project/