Terry's Marathon of Hope Turns 40!

April 12, 2020 by Keith Z. Brewster

On April 12, 1980 Terry Fox dipped his foot into the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland, transforming the course of cancer research in Canada. The suffering he saw in the cancer wards compelled him to act. This week, his Marathon of Hope turned 40 years old and the message is as timely as ever. 

Like many of you, I didn't know Terry personally. He was sadly gone before I was even born. But I feel like I know him better than I know many of my friends. I know of his passion, determination, and dedication - all without ever meeting him or laying eyes on him. Those values were instilled in me every September as my school(s) ran their respective Terry Fox races. This was a tradition that started when I was about six years old and extended well into my late 20's. Now, a few years later (and few minutes slower around the track than I used to be) I sit here, reflecting on Terry's vision and his legacy as his Marathon of Hope celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

Terry Fox was born in 1958. He passed away at 22. During his shortened life, he did more than most of us could ever dream of doing in an entire lifetime. When I was 22 I was pulling all nighters, eating kraft dinner, trying to achieve good enough grades to move onto the next level of academia and maybe, just maybe, get a scholarship or two. Terry, on the other hand, was running across the country trying to raise money for cancer research and advocacy. He did so despite his illness and the barriers that befell him. To date, Terry Fox and his foundation have raised over $750 million dollars for cancer research, support, and education.  Sitting here, nearly 30 years since my very first Terry Fox run, I can't help but be humbled by his dedication, work ethic, passion, accomplishments, and legacy. 

We may not have ever had the privilege of meeting him, but I think we all know Terry and quite well. He has served as a beacon of hope and has become one of Canada's greatest ambassadors and heroes. Now, on the 40th anniversary of his Marathon of Hope, his legacy lives on and should serve as inspiration fo us all. We are all living in a world with many new challenges and barriers that we must find a way to overcome. In moments like this, I find inspiration from Terry Fox, and I hope you do too. 

In honour of the incredible work pioneered by Terry Fox, and the tireless work done by the amazing people who carry on his legacy through his foundation, I am honoured and humbled to announce a donation of $10,000 to his cause: The Terry Fox Foundation. If his story has (or continues) to inspire you, I implore you to get involved. Run the run or give where you can (whether it be your time, money, energy, or passion). And, if nothing else, I hope you find inspiration in his story and remarkable journey. 

If you’d like to learn how you can become more directly involved, please visit The Terry Fox Foundation's website at;