Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Carolyn StoberDirector

Meet Carolyn, the current Vice President of the Stober Foundation. Carolyn is an innovator and a creative visionary with a passion for developing leadership resources that promote personal and social change. Her people-first approach in business and strategic thinking will undoubtedly help drive our foundation forward.

In addition to her role in our family foundation, Carolyn is the Managing Director of the Stober Group, a leader in commercial development in the Okanagan. To say that she is a superstar and driving force is an understatement. 

Carolyn is also heavily invested in social causes that make a difference in our community. In 2004, she partnered with a local charity, Courage for Youth, to develop workshops and conferences designed to help support teenage girls and their parents navigate through the cultural pressures of adolescence. During that tenure, she was the lead developer and co-author of the SCREAM curriculum which focused on providing social, emotional, and leadership skills to middle school youth. Together with her husband, Matt, they have championed projects around the globe that empower, educate, and create opportunities for young people.

When not in the office, Carolyn can be found with her loving husband, Matt, being a super mom to their three beautiful daughters, Cassidy, Capri, and Chrisen. In her spare time, she loves to travel, cook, and explore the sites that make the Okanagan Valley such a magical place to call home.