Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Compete for a Cause: the SPIN

December 13, 2022

I want to start off by saying that SPIN isn't a real sport unless it's on an approved PELOTON bike and being instructed by Ben/Olivia while they yell and demean you virtually. That aside, we were thrilled to have had the chance to compete against Rachel last month in a spin off. Rachel, an accomplished spin instructor and fitness guru, challenged Cam to a spin class challenge in hopes of raising  $5,000 for their charity of choice (Mamas for Mamas)!

As you can see from the video, things didn't go exactly as planned for Cam and I. Due to "technical" issues related to a "tainted" urine sample, we were disqualified, allowing Rachel to raise $5,000 for her charity - Mamas for Mamas. 

Although we like helping charities, this losing streak has to end soon - my inheritance depends on it!


Be sure to tune to our next instalment of Compete for a Cause where we'll be taking on the Senior Regional Pickleball champions. If they win, they'll earn $5,000 for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. If we win, we're checking them straight into Missionwood Retirement Home. Could they stakes get any higher!