Putting the FUN into FUNDING!

May 5, 2022

Bringing the FUN to FUNDING!

The Stober Foundation is open for business and again, setting the bar high when it comes to community philanthropy. The local group of philanthropists, who are known for taking a people first, engaging approach to their giving, have just announced $500,000.00 of available funding for project specific grants. The window for applications will remain open until June 14th, 2022. 

The Stober foundation is asking the charity and non-profit sector to review their funding guidelines and consider applying for project specific grants through their online portal. "Our philanthropic vision is to take a progressive, forward-thinking, and sustainable approach in support of innovative endeavours hat seek to make our communities a better place for all" said foundation president, Ken Stober.

"For me, the funding portal serves as a dual-purpose gateway. Not only does it allow for registered charities to apply for project funding, but it also allows us, as a board, to listen to the needs and happenings of communities from around our beautiful country. Our funding portal opens the door to charities from around the country who might be offering game changing initiatives and/or programming. We believe it provides charities a platform to inform and educate us, while giving us the opportunity to partner and collaborate with the best and brightest within the sector in order to install meaningful change in our communities". 

The foundation has moved their funding application completely online to facilitate an easy process for all charities. "This year our funding is rather wide ranging. We are open to a variety of core areas including community development, food insecurity, education, health & medicine, humanitarianism, mental health, sports & recreation to name just a few" said Stober. The foundation says they have purposely kept their funding interests broad to attract the highest calibre of organizations, independent of their focus. 

"We are incredibly motivated to help wherever we can, but we are looking to partner with effective, progressive, game changing charities/non-profits who can make a tangible, sustainable difference in the world around us. If we work together we can make a much bigger impact than we could ever do alone" said Stober.

If you'd like to learn more, please visit www.stoberfoundation.org today to find out more about the foundation and the various exciting opportunities available through their philanthropy. 

For more information, please visit the foundation' website at www.stoberfoundation.org/funding

Good luck to all applicants!