Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Making a Difference at Home and Around the World

Let's Get in the Spirit(s)!

September 23, 2021

As former hospitality workers themselves, Born to Shake owners Shayne and Nicole were sad to see the livelihoods of their industry friends and family suffering as a result of COVID-19. Upon the onset of indoor dining restrictions, Shayne and Nicole decided to take matters into their own hands. They launched a campaign to collect donations to buy local hospitality workers a cocktail at local restaurants in Kelowna.

Not only did the campaign lift the spirits of hospitality workers in the city but it also supported local restaurants through the purchase of gift cards. Truly a win-win-win!

It doesn’t stop there. Born to Shake matched the first 20 donations! This creative campaign was entrepreneurial in nature and multifactorial. Not only did they help hospitality industry workers and local businesses but they also engaged the community. That is why they garnered the attention of the Gratitude Project.

To show their appreciation and support, the Gratitude Project donated $5000 to Shayne and Nicole’s charity of choice. They chose the Canadian Mental Health Association because of the immense impact that COVID-19 has had on the mental health of Canadians. 

When Nicole and Shayne met Jessica from CMHA, they instantly connected. We were all moved when Jessica explained the impact that CMHA has had on the community during the pandemic. So moved in fact, that the Gratitude Project committed another $5000 to the organization right then and there.