Adventure Awaits!

January 4, 2022

Earlier this year our foundations Lead Philanthropist and Director, Keith Brewster, was fortunate enough to participate in an Adaptive Wilderness Adventure set up by one of our charitable parters; CRIS Adaptive. 

CRIS Adaptive, which stands for Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS), is a unique and powerful non-profit organization that serves the Okanagan. CRIS is largely fuelled by a team of dedicated volunteers all with a commitment to the well-being of the local community. Founded in 2001 by Troy Becker and Lynnette Legrandeur, they were inspired by a close relative with Down syndrome and their passion for all things outdoors, to create an organization that specialized in supporting people with various physical, cognitive, intellectual, or sensory challenges, whether permanent or temporary, gain access to outdoor pursuits. Since its inception, CRIS has been an organization which focuses on ability and works on breaking down barriers to outdoor recreation and sport, whatever those barriers may be.

The adventure was dreamed up in the fall of 2021 when Keith and Troy got together for a coffee at their local hot spot (Bean Scene). They wanted to create a memorable adventure that would be truly epic for not only their clients, but also giving the Stober Foundation a real taste of the work that goes into what CRIS do behind the scenes.

Together, they dreamed up the idea of an epic 2 day road trip to Clearwater BC; complete with good friends, good food, camping, hiking, and an white water rafting down class 3 rapids (out of season I may add). So with imagination as their only limitation, the team at CRIS dreamed up and worked out the logistics of an adventure that brought together some of their clientele, staff, volunteers, and members of the Stober Foundation as well.

Words cannot describe the impact this trip had on us as a foundation. Seeing first hand the dedication our charitable partners take in their work is something that truly inspires us in our work. But seeing CRIS in action, their team of dedicated staff and volunteers, and the impact and happiness their programming brings to their clientele left us speechless. They are a one in a million organization that are doing truly amazing, impactful things for people in our community who need, deserve, and should have access to the same opportunities we all take for granted.

If you ever find yourself with bandwidth to support a local Okanagan organization, we'd urge you to consider CRIS Adaptive. Time, energy, compassion, and resources are always a valuable currency in the non-profit world! If you'd like to learn more about CRIS, please check out their website at; http://crisadaptive.ca/about/

Here's to many more adventures, together, and for everyone - no matter their circumstances!