Across the Lake!

July 16, 2022

To say that Conny Stamhuis is an outlier is an understatement. The now 90 year woman, who has called Kelowna home for the last 30 years, has seen a life and a half by most people's standards. And while living a fulfilling life, defined by family, kindness, and living each day to the fullest, one of her proudest accomplishments is to live a life defined by gratitude and generosity. And for Conny, it's not just a motto, it's a lifestyle!

Last month we learned of Conny when she popped up on our newsfeed. The title read "90 year old woman preps for swim across lake". Naturally we were curious. Upon reading the story, we were inspired to hear that, for her 6th swim across the lake challenge, she chose to use her platform as an opportunity to fundraise for a charity close to her heart - Doctors Without Borders. 

With the goal of elevating her selfless generosity, we organized a surprise coffee shop meeting at Sprout Bakery, tucked into the downtown sector of Kelowna. There is no worry of mistaking identities when it comes to meeting Connie in public, her smile lit up the cafe. Within two minutes of meeting Conny it felt like we were old friends. Hearing her talk of her upbringing, her family, and her adventures throughout her active life puts you at ease and creates a feeling of comfort and friendship. 

Midway through our coffee shop conversation, Conny mentioned she had a lofty goal of raising $10,000 for Doctors Without Borders as part of her swim across the lake. We were so inspired that we couldn't hold in the surprise any longer, and took out a cheque with that amount in hand. You see, Conny isn't just about reaching a goal or limit, she surpasses it, and in nearly every aspect of her life. And, with that in mind, we figured her philanthropic endeavour deserved the same attention.

We are so honoured to meet Conny and be a small part of her epic challenge and fundraising initiative. The world needs more kind, selflessly good humans like her. If you'd like to learn more about her story or efforts, please feel free to visit her page to learn more!