Pull Ups for the YMCA

August 27, 2021

While most people celebrate their birthday by throwing a party, this man spent it where he had his  wedding, at the gym! We went to the YMCA gym to watch an ordinary man do an extraordinary challenge, out of compassion and appreciation.

While many receive gifts on their birthdays, this man decided it was time to give back. Meet inspirational 65-year old Terry Hanley, who just spent his birthday performing 650 pull ups as a way to raise awareness and funds for the YMCA gym.

Not only did he reach his goal, but he ended up doing an astounding 665 pull ups in under 90 minutes! 

Aside from his wife and friends supporting him, Terry’s positive attitude and strong initiative inspired others in the gym to watch him and challenge themselves more. His story is the perfect example of how age is just a number. 

Terry was orphaned at 13, and without resources, he could not afford a membership.

It was with help of one of the counsellors at his group home and a subsidized membership, that he was able to join the YMCA gym, which he says changed his life and made him feel welcome.

As a show of gratitude to the YMCA, for his birthday, he challenged himself to do 650 pull ups and ended up raising $5,000 for the YMCA, a charity run organization that helps people who don't have the resources to join a gym.

We met Terry for his extreme challenge at the YMCA, and as a show of our gratitude, the Stober Foundation decided to match his funds raised and Hanley was surprised to be leaving the gym with his surprise gift of $5,000.

Terry has been training and looking after his health for 45 years. To him fitness is not so much a physical aspect but a mental one, “I want to show that old people can do things.

”When we asked him how he found the strength and patience to do this challenge, he said,“It’s like eating an elephant. You don’t look at that elephant and think I can’t do it, you bite it down.”

Terry says his fondness for the YMCA stems from them being all inclusive. The gym welcomes street people, those with mental challenges, obese folk, seniors, the physically disabled and those who are financially challenged, he says.

His next goal is to try and beat the record of 3,500 pull ups for the age group of 65-70.

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