Leader Highlight: Eric Pardy

December 21, 2020

Our employees are truly the heart and soul of the Stober Group. For that reason, we want to acknowledge and highlight a member of our work family who is doing extraordinary things to make our community better by lending their energy to a cause they are passionate about. We are honoured to highlight Eric Pardy! 


Eric has been with the Stober Group since 2001. Through his role overseeing outdoor construction and upgrades, Eric helps our company thrive by supporting our clients and new builds. Eric is also a loving husband and father, and devoted community member. Outside of his work, Eric volunteers his time with an organization he is incredibly passionate about: the Okanagan Sun football program. Volunteering with the Okanagan Sun has become one of the most unexpected, and pleasant surprises in Erics life. When we asked about why he enjoys working with the Okanagan Sun team, his love of the organization was obvious and infectious:

Wow, where do I start? I love the road trips we take together with the crew. I love the demands it takes to become the best version of ourselves, week in and out. I love that we expect to be better and learn from every game, and every experience, as well as the parallels that has in everyday life. I love how we set high goals and work together to keep each other accountable in order to achieve them as a family.

Eric came across the program in 2013 when he was sharing with a friend that he was dealing with a high-level of stress and needed to find an outlet and a change of scenery. That's when his friend, Gary Swabey, suggested helping out with the football team. “I wasn’t really into football, it just happened because I needed something new in my life. But to my surprise, being surrounded by young men who were also struggling and looking to fill a void in their life and become better versions of themselves, really spoke to me. Since that time, it’s been a perfect fit and I’ve really been able to find great meaning in my volunteer work with the Okanagan Sun," says Eric.

In his work with the Okanagan Sun, Eric helps out wherever and whenever he can. Whether it’s filling water bottles, cleaning the clubhouse, setting up the field or simply listening to the players and being a mentor, Eric takes his role with the team seriously and has fun doing it.

“Being part of the Okanagan Sun has become more than just volunteering but a significant part of my life. It helped guide me through a tough time and re-inspired me to help do the same for others. It has opened doors, opportunities, and friendships I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

Eric stands out as an example of integrity and leadership and we're grateful to have him as part of the Stober team.

⇒ In honour of Eric’s dedication and community involvement, the Stober Foundation is pleased to donate $5,000 to the Okanagan Sun football program in Eric’s name.